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Checklist for Graduating Students

Checklist for Graduating Students

Graduating students must complete the following checklist when arriving for their Convocation ceremony.

1) Personal Belongings

Leave personal belongings at the Graduating Student Storage located in Alumni Hall or with family/friends attending.

2) Proceed to Norm Fenn Gym

Graduating students should proceed to Norm Fenn Gym.

Guests should proceed to the Fieldhouse.

3) Registration

Register and obtain ceremony card with sequence number

4) Gown and Hood

Pick up your gown and hood by presenting your ceremony card.

5) Line Up

Line up for the procession line based on your sequence number which can be found in the top right corner of your ceremony card.

Regalia Guidelines

Academic Regalia

The convocation ceremony is a momentous occasion that symbolizes academic achievement and scholarly excellence. As such, graduating students are provided with a hood and gown representing Carleton’s academic dress.  In line with Carleton University’s values of inclusivity and respect for all, we kindly ask that no additional regalia such as sashes, stoles, signs, pins, hats, sports team items, flags or any other external affiliations be displayed on the regalia during the convocation ceremony. This is to ensure that all participants feel equally represented and respected during this collective celebration of academic accomplishment.

Exceptions for Indigenous Graduands

Indigenous graduands are permitted to wear traditional Indigenous attire or regalia in lieu of a gown. This exception is permitted as part of the commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and is rooted in the Calls to Action as part of this initiative. It is meant to celebrate and honor the cultural heritage and contributions of Indigenous students.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in upholding the values of inclusion and respect during the convocation ceremony. By adhering to the regalia guidelines, we can ensure that this occasion remains a meaningful and inclusive experience for all participants.

Additional Information

In the event of an evacuation, please proceed to the closest exit. Emergency personnel are available to assist you.

Kindly put your cell phone on silent mode during the ceremony.

Students are being photographed backstage in a posed setting. Photographic proofs will be sent to the graduate’s Carleton email address approximately 3-5 business days later. For more information visit or call (800) 372-3686.

Convocation is being video recorded. You will be able to view a copy of each ceremony approximately 2-3 business days later on our ceremony video archive page.

There is a reception in the Ravens’ Nest after each ceremony. The room is alphabetically marked. Please find your guests at the letter of your last name.

Several locations are available to take photos after the ceremony, including staged areas inside and outside the reception space.

We ask that all gowns and hoods be returned after the reception and before leaving the campus. Gown drop-off kiosks are located at the entrances to the reception.

Framing services are available at the Bookstore kiosk, located just outside the Ravens’ Nest.

There is an ATM located near Tim Hortons.

If you lost a personal item, it will be dropped off at the Athletics Welcome Desk in Alumni Hall. If you are inquiring about a lost item after Convocation, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

For inquiries related to lost and found, please call 613-520-5655.